The Scheen


Line Up:

  • Atle Pettersen
  • Tobias Andersen Ørnes
  • Robin Ognedal
  • Rein Blomquist
  • Nickolas Main Henriksen



The Scheen is a Norwegian rock band from Oslo.

Due to their young age it´s an experienced group of guys representing The Scheen. The quintet consisting of Atle Pettersen, Tobias Ørnes Andersen, Robin Ognedal, Rein Blomquist and Nickolas Main Henriksen met in high school in 2005, and has since been playing together under various names. First as Illusion, before they switched to Aspera in 2009. The following year they landed at Above Symmetry. The band played progressive metal, and released the album "Ripples" on InsideOut in 2010, as Aspera. The following year, the album was re-released in Europe and the U.S as Above Symmetry. Following the release, the band toured in Europe.

But there has been a great change since then for the band. The band has taken a big step away from being the progressive metal, in favor of more cultivated rock that often brings to mind bands like Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. The transition from progressive metal have been liberating, says guitarist Robin Ognedal. - Progressive Metal is a very "detail fixated" genre with great limits of how things should be, and how songs should be built up. Now it´s less limits, and we can focus more on the experience and the feeling in the songs. Of course we have nothing against the genre of progressive metal! The years as Aspera and Above Symmetry was very important for our development as musicians, and has given us musical skills we would not be without. But while working on the new album we found back to the joy of making music without thinking too much about the musical "rules".

Their Debut album is expected to be released in November, and their first single "I Am I" is now available. Producing the album The Scheen got Christer André Cederberg, known from Animal Alpha and who has done studio work for names like Eva & The Heart Maker, Honningbarna, Maria Mena, Paper Boys, Donkeyboy and numerous others. To work with with Cederberg was great, says lead singer of The Scheen, not unknown Atle Pettersen.

- Many producers have one sound, but Christer can handle most genres. He has an ability to add just what the album needs, and in addition we feel that he has the same vision as us when it comes to making music.

The result is an organic album that has a strain of catchy rock with drive and with strong melodies. The Scheen, has also chose a special twist when they recorded the video for their first single "I Am I".

- Those who have followed us for a long time and has seen us live knows that we are a good live band. And to reveal this more clearly, we have recorded the video live in the studio, both picture and sound are alive. And now we are looking forward to play for the audience, it's perhaps the strongest driving force for us as a band, says Atle.


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