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Gus G - Firewind/OZZY: www.firewind.gr

"I had the pleasure to work with Manuela in 2007 while touring Europe. Even though she was there tour managing Power Quest, she really took care of us and made sure the bands had what they needed in order to play great shows every night. I was impressed by how well organized she was and got things done. Thumbs Up!!"

Steve Williams – Power Quest: www.power-quest.co.uk

"It has been a pleasure working with Manuela since 2005 both in her capacity as Tour Manager and band manager as well. Everything is always done 100% whether it be dealing with labels, venues promoters or generally organising the various aspects of PQ life. It is important to have someone you trust completely in this kind of business, and I can safely say that Manuela is exactly the kind of dedicated and determined personality required."

Alessio Garavello – A New Tomorrow (Ex Power Quest): www.myspace.com/alessiogaravello2

"Working with Manuela during my time with Power Quest has given us a new point of view about being a rock band. The band is now on a different level speaking about professionalism. She deals with labels, promoters and venues doing a perfect job on every side of the business. She completely changed the way we approach touring and helped us being a better live band."

Lord Zion – Spit Like This: www.spitlikethis.com

"I stumbled across Manuela quite by accident but she turned out to be a very good find! There are several things that I crave when I work with people within the music industry, honesty and integrity being top of the list. Manuela has both those qualities. She never promises something she cannot deliver and works diligently towards goals she feels she can deliver. This kind of methodical approach is what is needed - all the bluff in the world does not make up for someone that just gets on with it and gets the job done. I'm looking forward to working with Manuela on a longer term."


Music Business

John Tucker – Author, photographer, and freelance music journalist: www.johntuckeronline.com

"I enjoy working with Manuela – she is very focussed, believes 100% in what she is doing and works very hard for the bands she is supporting. Plus, she has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the business side of things which helps things run smoothly. And she’s also a great person to be around – calm, collected, and inspiring: the ideal qualities to have if things aren’t quite going to plan!"

Little Linda – Editor in chief, Mayfairmallzine: www.themayfairmallzine.com

"In this business your reputation is everything and I rarely agree to make a recommendation unless I am 110% confident that the person I am recommending will not taint my own solid reputation. I have had the good fortune to work with Manuela Fröhlich on and off since 2006 on a number of different band projects she has worked with and have no quarms what-so-ever in recommending her to any band that wish to promote themselves further by utilising her Marketing & PR skills. Manuela is a highly driven individual who is open, honest, friendly and direct in her dealings and has a great passion for the bands she believes in. She is highly organised and has solid communication skills which enable her to run her business as a highly efficient machine."

Monica Castedo Lopez – journalist, Fireworks: www.myspace.com/monicacastedolopez

"Manuela is a very determined and focussed professional, highly motivated and enthusiastic about the bands she works with. As the manager of Power Quest, she uses every opportunity to promote the band, even in her personal life. And one thing is for sure too: she is not the kind of person to beat around the bush! Whatever she thinks she will say, but will ensure to give constructive criticism. She's most definitely reliable and hard working'."


Above Symmetry (Norway)

In 2010 five young musicians from Skien, Norway, made a very impressive entrance into the Metal world with their debut album "Ripples", released by none less than top progressive label InsideOut Music.... READ MORE

Atle Pettersen (Norway)

Atle Pettersen is the charismatic front man of Norway’s upcoming prog metal band ABOVE SYMMETRY. In September 2010 Atle was selected to be one of the 12 finalists in Norway’s TV show “X Factor” and made a stunning second place in this tough competition. ... READ MORE


Formed in 2008 and signed to Rising Records in 2011, debut album "Outshine The Sun" released September 5th 2011... READ MORE

Power Quest (UK)

POWER QUEST was conceived in March 2001 by keyboardist Steve Williams after he left London power metal act DragonHeart – now known as Dragonforce.... READ MORE

Riot (US)

Eighties metal legends RIOT are back with their classic “Thundersteel” line-up!... READ MORE

The Scheen

The Scheen is a Norwegian rock band from Oslo.... READ MORE

Latest Releases

Riot - Immortal Soul

The comeback master piece of US Metal legends RIOT, out in October on Avalon/Marquee and Steamhammer/SPV... READ MORE