=> Steamhammer / SPV signs legendary US metal band for world ex Japan

=> new studio album "ImmortalSoul" will be released in October


Few bands deserve to be talkedabout in such revered terms as RIOT.

Bursting through from New YorkCity at the end of the Seventies with three ground-breaking albums on the trot (‘RockCity’, ‘Narita’ and ‘Fire Down Under’) RIOT quickly becameone of the biggest cult metal bands in the world. Stunning performances in theUK at the first ever Castle Donington Festival in 1980 and Port Vale thefollowing year, and support slots with SAMMY HAGAR in Europeand AC/DC in the United States cemented their reputation as thehottest ticket to see.

With line-up changes knockingtheir momentum and the Eighties developing into a Thrash-fest a new-look RIOTbounced back in 1988 with the widely-acclaimed ‘Thundersteel’. Althoughthe faces might have looked unfamiliar, with only guitarist MARK REALE now leftfrom the band’s formative years, the aggression and musicianship remainedunrivalled and unchallengeable. With TONY MOORE’s distinctive vocals, themuscle and might of bassist DON VAN STAVERN and drummer BOBBY JARZOMBEKpowering the songs along, and Reale’s precision playing RIOT werereborn, and followed ‘Thundersteel’ two years later with the jaw-dropping ‘ThePrivilege Of Power’, an inspiring and at times truly epic album.However, by this time the music world was turning into a very different place,and RIOT found themselves struggling against a tide of apathy. Realecontinued to guide the ship through the next two decades, delivering albums ofconsistent, quality metal, culminating in 2006’s ‘Army Of One’ – a truestatement of intent, as if one were needed.

But the army of one is an armyof five once more as RIOT’s classic ‘Thundersteel’ and ‘Privilege…’line-up has re-united, adding guitarist MIKE FLYNTZ who played in the live bandat that time. Signing with SPV/Steamhammer for all territories except Japan, RIOT willrelease their new album "Immortal Soul" on October 28thin Germany, October 31st in Europe and early November in the USand Canada.

RIOT have also been confirmed as special guests on thefirst leg of HAMMERFALL’s European tour this winter. The tour kicks offon 26th October in Copenhagen, Denmark, and ends for the five-piece metalmachine in Cologne, Germany, on 18th November.

This will be the first time thelegendary ‘Thundersteel’ and ‘The Privilege Of Power’ line-up of TONY MOORE (vocals),MARK REALE (guitar), MIKE FLYNTZ (guitar), DON VAN STAVERN (bass)and BOBBY JARZOMBEK (drums) has played in Europe on a full tour, afterthe band’s celebrated one-off show at Sweden Rock in 2009.

Olly Hahn, A&R at Steamhammer, says: “Mark, Tony, Don,Bobby and Mike are really fired up once more, and "Immortal Soul"will be a true successor to the legacy of ‘Thundersteel’ and ‘Privilege…’.Classic metal will never die, and who did it better than RIOT?”

Who, indeed?

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