Riot - Immortal Soul

01. Riot

02. Still Your Man

03. Crawling

04. Wings Are For Angels

05. Fall Before Me

06. Sins Of The Father

07. Majestica

08. Immortal Soul

09. Insanity

10. Whiskey Man

11. Believe

12. Echoes

Release dates:
19.10. Japan
26.10. Scandinavia
28.10. Germany, Austria, Switzerland
31.10. Europe
22.11. USA / Canada


Since the arrival of their two awesome releases, Thundersteel (1988) and The Privilege Of Power (1990), Riot supporters have favoured the line-up consisting of Tony Moore (vocals), Mark Reale (guitar), Don Van Stavern (bass) and Bobby Jarzombek (drums) plus live guitarist Mike Flyntz, who had close ties with Riot even back then. This was the team which conquered the hearts of fans all over the world at the end of the 1980s, and it’s precisely this line-up which recorded Immortal Soul. “To me, the close collaboration with each of our vocalists has always been the decisive aspect in any Riot release,” Reale points out. “That’s why it was absolutely inspiring for me at the studio that Tony directly took up many of my ideas and translated them brilliantly. Or contributed his own suggestions, from which our songs benefitted greatly. He’s simply the perfect Riot frontman!”

In addition, Moore rounds off the band’s classic metal perfectly and has helped to made brand-new material such as ‘Riot,’ ‘Still Your Man,’ ‘Sins Of The Father,’ ‘Majestica,’ and the final track, ‘Echoes’, traditional power metal gems. As Moore sings with unconditional optimism on ‘Believe’: “We were born to live, we were born to fly, and fly we did, did we ever, you were born to dance, you were born to fly, and fly you did, did you ever.” As far as Reale is concerned, Moore’s distinctive voice complements the band’s central concept perfectly: “The phase with Mike DiMeo definitely was a very interesting time in musical terms; he has more of a bluesy timbre, similar to David Coverdale and Paul Rodgers. Tony, on the other hand, sings at a higher pitch, has a very clear, expressive voice and represents the Riot sound I currently favour.”


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Riot - Immortal Soul

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