Power Quest - Master of Illusion

The fourth full-length CD from Power Quest released on Napalm Records. Master Of Illusion is straight ahead melodic power metal album. The songs are very catchy with singalong choruses and tons of hooks. There's some nice crunchy guitar solos and riffs, the keyboards are also prominent. The tempos are upbeat, and the tracks have a lot of energy and punch.


Track listing

  1. Cemetary Gates
  2. Human Machine
  3. Civilized?
  4. Kings Of Eternity
  5. Master Of Illusion
  6. The Vigil
  7. Save The World
  8. Hearts And Voices
  9. I Don't Believe In Friends Forever
  10. Never Again
  11. Reckoning Day (Japanese Bonus, Megadeth Cover)


"Power Quest have crafted this album lovingly and have created a minimum of filler - and there are few tracks which stand out above the rest, making this album fantastically consistent. If you've never heard them before I can highly recommend this one." - sputnikmusic.com

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