Interview with Manuela Froehlich - Founder of Rock4Success

What brought you to the music industry?

"Rock is not a lifestyle – it’s a blood type!" Not sure which smart person said that, but it is a suitable statement to describe my passion since I fell for KISS at the tender age of 10! Since then, I never left that musical path, and my personal taste ranges from Classic Rock to Heavy Metal, Glam to Sleaze, Power Metal to Prog Metal, Industrial to Goth,… anything that rocks!

There is a ton of good bands out there with talented musicians and a looming career lying around the corner – but yet to be established. To find those pearls, to become the "next big thing", is undoubtedly everyone’s dream: the bands, the managers, the labels, publishers, etc. Being actively part of this exciting step is a way I chose to dedicate my time to.

Following the rock scene as fan for many decades and making close friends along the way, it seemed only natural at some point for me to get involved in the business side. And with ROCK 4 SUCCESS I am finally taking my passion and current involvement onto a professional level.

Can you add value, as your background is not in the music industry?

In 2005 I started consulting friends in promotion and brand building for their band, selling merchandise, writing mailings to fans, creating press interest and similar tasks, summing up to one big target: "taking care of the boys always in their best interest to expand their profile internationally", in other words, fulfilling all tasks a personal manager would do.

And once I stepped my foot into it and delivered all my input from my experience in my day job, I realised it worked really well!

Music Business follows the same strategies as the Finance Business: It’s all about selling the right product to the right target group at the right time, with the great advantage that with music you have the "look & feel" right in front of you.

What is your experience in music so far?

Over the past years I have been involved in building up an international PR platform, communication with fans, touring in the UK and Europe (booking, planning and tour managing), closing endorsement deals, selling merchandise and bringing new ideas in for tour sponsorships and merchandise.

Why will you be successful?

I clearly work FOR the artists, not the other way round. Investigating the potential and the opportunities, I go out and sell the act in the best possible way. Sounds simple – it is not! Therefore I follow 2 very simple rules:

1. Stick to what you know
In other words, I only work in the rock genre. There is a huge number of talented artists out there! No doubt! But my decision whom to work with is not only based on talent, it's based on my personal taste and what I believe can have a real chance in the jungle out there.

2. Don’t promise what you cannot deliver
I am very serious about commitment. If I agree to work with someone, I will be 150% committed. My aim is to meet expectations and avoid disappointment. I am not here to waste anybody's time and I don't have spare time to waste either.

Unfortunately there is a lot of bullshit going on in the industry - no offence – but his is not my style. You will get an honest and straight forward business relationship with me.

Keeping people's hopes up, or promising something today and delivering something different tomorrow: not my style either!

In a nutshell: The only way to become successful is to make my clients successful. And that’s exactly what I am going to do!

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