In A Band?

There are so many good rock musicians and rock bands out there these days, and if I had unlimited time I would like to work with them all.

However, in reality time is indeed limited, and because my ethos here at ROCK 4 SUCCESS is to ensure my artists are at the heart of what I do I will only take on bands that I can give my personal attention. And I always put my existing artists first, before I even look into any approaches from acts who would like me to represent them.

Because of my personal involvement, it is important that I can both fully engage with my bands and appreciate and like what they are doing.

Although my interests span the classic rock and metal spectrum I have little interest in more extreme, doom or goth metal, and if I personally do not like what you do – no matter how good you are at it – there is little chance of us forming a successful professional relationship. Quite simply, I would not be the right person for you.

But, if you like what you’ve read about ROCK 4 SUCCESS and you think I might be the manager you are looking for, please contact me via the form below. Please note that any emails or submissions that do not use this form will not be read.

** Currently we are working at maximum to promote our artists so we will not be taking on any new bands for the time being - do please keep checking to see when we re-open applications **


Above Symmetry (Norway)

In 2010 five young musicians from Skien, Norway, made a very impressive entrance into the Metal world with their debut album "Ripples", released by none less than top progressive label InsideOut Music.... READ MORE

Atle Pettersen (Norway)

Atle Pettersen is the charismatic front man of Norway’s upcoming prog metal band ABOVE SYMMETRY. In September 2010 Atle was selected to be one of the 12 finalists in Norway’s TV show “X Factor” and made a stunning second place in this tough competition. ... READ MORE


Formed in 2008 and signed to Rising Records in 2011, debut album "Outshine The Sun" released September 5th 2011... READ MORE

Power Quest (UK)

POWER QUEST was conceived in March 2001 by keyboardist Steve Williams after he left London power metal act DragonHeart – now known as Dragonforce.... READ MORE

Riot (US)

Eighties metal legends RIOT are back with their classic “Thundersteel” line-up!... READ MORE

The Scheen

The Scheen is a Norwegian rock band from Oslo.... READ MORE

Latest Releases

Riot - Immortal Soul

The comeback master piece of US Metal legends RIOT, out in October on Avalon/Marquee and Steamhammer/SPV... READ MORE