Above Symmetry - Ripples

Norway's acclaimed Prog Metal youngsters ABOVE SYMMETRY have just re-released their impressing 2010 "Ripples" debut all over Europe via InsideOutMusic on April 25th, 2011. This re-launched version of the album includes slightly modified artwork with the stellar original 10 songs as well as 3 special additional audio tracks and a video clip enhancement as bonus. Here is the exact tracklisting:


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Ripples
  3. Do I Dare?
  4. Remorse
  5. Between Black & White
  6. Catatonic Coma
  7. Torn Apart
  8. Traces Inside
  9. Reflections
  10. The Purpose
  11. Trails Of Clarity
  12. Traces Inside [Edit]
  13. Ripples [Edit]


"Ripples is a progressive metal release in the lines of something you’d hear from Dream Theater. The tone of the music has a real nice polished sound to it. Above Symmetry has created a unique sound to their style of progressive music and that is thanks to the bands vocalist, Atle Pettersen. One look and you’d think Pettersen was the vocalist of a trendy mall-metal band. That is not the case at all, Pettersen’s voice steals the show with his wide range of vocals, changing on the drop of a dime to fit the instrumentation." (9.75/10) - reviewbusters.info

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